Release of Your Scheming Heart


Who is conning whom?

In desperate need of money to flee an angry ‘business’ partner, con artist Sabrina Raven lifts the wallet of a nutty Italian rich guy she meets in an airport bar. But she’s intrigued by the tale he spins of a magical painting he’s searching for, a painting stolen from his village during World War II. Her instincts insist there’s a game here, instincts validated when she discovers Mr. Rich Guy Vincenzo Nicholazzi had actually wanted her to steal his wallet. He’d wanted proof he’d found a thief. In fact, for her larcenous services he’s willing to pay a whopping hundred grand if she can steal the magic painting back for him. Sabrina thinks she’s found the easiest mark in the world…until Vincenzo, honest, gentle, and warm-hearted, starts working his own brand of magic on her.

True story: my obstetrician ordered an ultrasound to find out why my daughter hadn’t yet been born ten days after her due date. But I knew what was holding up the works – I hadn’t finished this book yet! Two days after writing “The End” I held my other, and even more precious, baby in my arms.

Your Scheming Heart is available at SmashwordsAmazon, and Barnes and Noble. It usually takes a few weeks to go live at the Apple iTunes store.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble


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