Release of Dueling with the Devil


Book 2 of the Bad Boy Series

Juan and Janelle were the first pair of heroes in this series about three men who’d met in reform school as teenagers. Dueling with the Devil takes up where Chasing the Devil leaves off and follows Beau’s story.


Reclusive private investor Beau never expected to have to ‘look after’ Helena Reif even though he’d promised his best friend, her twin brother, to do so while Harry went off treasure hunting. Helena is a competent and successful biotech scientist. On top of that, she’s stubborn and proud. She won’t need anyone to look after her.

But then mysterious vandals break into Helena’s advanced laboratory and threaten her safety. Beau is forced to deal with Helena – and the mistaken night the two of them had shared six months before.

Dueling with the Devil is currently available at Smashwords and Amazon and will soon be available to Barnes and Noble and the Apple Book store.



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