faun holding goatBorn with a silver spoon in her mouth, Janelle Peterson longs to prove that she’s more than a spoiled brat with a pretty face. But taking a ‘simple’ clerical job at the county district attorney’s office only confirms that she’s as useless as she fears. All she does is make mistakes. If only the handsome and intense assistant DA weren’t observing her every move. His dark watchfulness causes her to mess up even more.

Juan Mendez has a single goal in life: to capture El Diablo, an evil and elusive drug lord…who happens to be his older brother. To punish his brother, Juan will go to any lengths, including pass the bar to become a prosecuting attorney and spend every moment of his free time researching clues regarding the criminal’s whereabouts.

Juan could use help in this extracurricular activity, but dare he snatch up inexperienced Janelle for assistance after she gets fired from the DA’s office? The woman is far too attractive. Worse than that, though, is the way her effervescent joy in life makes him question his loyalty to his dark quest. He can’t afford to imagine there might be more to life than revenge.