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Release of Chasing the Devil


Kicking off a new series, Chasing the Devil begins the stories of three grown men who originally met as teenagers at a harsh reform school.


Juan Mendez is now thirty-two years old, but he still harbors guilt over landing in a private juvenile detention facility. Guilt and a thirst for revenge. But then he meets sweet and sunny Janelle Peterson, and it gets damn difficult to hang onto his dark plans.

Janelle, at age twenty-eight, has decided it’s time to get a life. For too long she’s lolled in the background behind her famous and wealthy father. Juan’s offer of a job, researching an evil drug lord, sounds like an excellent opportunity to do something important for the world. She soon discovers, however, there’s more to Juan’s interest in El Diablo than he’s telling her. Too late, she finds she’s put her heart in a dangerous place.

Chasing the Devil, the first book in the Bad Boy Series, is now available at Smashwords and Amazon.

I’m interviewed at Tinthia Clemant


If you’re interested in reading about my writing routine, head over to the website of Women’s Fiction author Tinthia Clemant, where she’s posted a fascinating interview.

Tinthia writes emotional stories about women growing through pain to their healthier, better places.


Release of Just Friends


I wish everyone a joyous and blessed holiday season and start to the New Year. As my own method of celebrating, I’ve published a new book, the second in the Home Again Series.

Computer nerd Rosalie Missen has been in love with hunky carpenter Clint Carmichael for years. But he only sees her as a friend. In fact, he even married another woman during Rosalie’s long infatuation. But now he’s single again, and Rosalie wonders if there’s any way to inspire Clint to view her romantically. If only she were beautiful.

Clint feels responsible for the breakup of his marriage, even though it had been a shotgun affair and probably not destined for eternity. But he’s the emotional fixer, the guy who makes everybody happy. He should have been able to make his ex happy. And now he’s apparently failing to please his best friend Rosalie. She’s behaving oddly and thinking of moving away. Leaving him behind. He frantically searches for a way to convince her to stay. He’s willing to do anything.

Anything except risk his heart.

This book is currently available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Apple. Coming soon to Barnes and Noble.


Release of Good Neighbors


Erica Carmichael hasn’t been home in ten years. Disbelieving her father’s new sobriety, she’d fled the family house straight out of high school and is only back now to take care of her newly orphaned teenage brother. She’s mystified, thrilled – and very wary – of the handsome guy who lives next door. No man this marvelous has ever before shown an interest in her. He can’t be for real.

Brennan Swift knows Erica has the wrong impression of him. He hasn’t always been the upstanding shop owner he now appears. He also knows he has to shut down his inappropriate attraction to her. He can’t afford a relationship. The last one nearly killed him.

A single romance about the power of love and family. This book should be free wherever it is sold, including Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.


Adult coloring books now available


For a change of pace, I’m releasing a series of adult coloring books. Coloring is the new and creative way to de-stress. These “all-natural” designs use no rulers, straightedges, or stencils. With these non-repeating patterns, you can stretch your visual imagination and, most importantly, have fun.

Find a print version of Color Creativity and Relaxation Book 1 at Amazon

Find a print version of Color Creativity and Relaxation Book 2 at Amazon

Or find a FREE downloadable PDF at

coloring book 1 samples

From Coloring Book 1

coloring book2 samples

From Coloring Book 2

Alyssa Kress Box Sets are a Great Bargain


If you like a bargain, you’ll love the savings on the brand new box sets of all non-free Alyssa Kress books to date. You can go all-out and buy the full dozen or test the waters by purchasing one or the other half dozen.

Box_Set_12 copy

Dangerous Men and Determined Women

All 12 non-free books in one set

$11.88 value only $6.99

Available at Amazon now, coming soon to other outlets

1-6 boxed set

Gamblers, Secret Agents – Family Men

First 6 books in one set

$5.94 value only $4.99

Available at Amazon now, coming soon to other outlets

boxed set 7-12

Forced Marriages and Fiancées – Determined Women

Second 6 books in one set

$5.94 value only $4.99

Available at Amazon now, coming soon to other outlets


Release of Call It Love


Chess Bradshaw and Cookie Thibideaux have known each other – and disliked each other – for twenty years. Chess is the cold enforcer Cookie’s father sent out every time she took a job that was too shady or found an apartment in a neighborhood too dangerous. But now Cookie has finally landed a part in a long-running play, and Chess is the one in trouble. The perfume company he owns has been sabotaged and is faltering. Cookie knows that through their marriage she can help save the company, but can either of them tolerate even a marriage of convenience?

call it love