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Release of Chasing the Devil


Kicking off a new series, Chasing the Devil begins the stories of three grown men who originally met as teenagers at a harsh reform school.


Juan Mendez is now thirty-two years old, but he still harbors guilt over landing in a private juvenile detention facility. Guilt and a thirst for revenge. But then he meets sweet and sunny Janelle Peterson, and it gets damn difficult to hang onto his dark plans.

Janelle, at age twenty-eight, has decided it’s time to get a life. For too long she’s lolled in the background behind her famous and wealthy father. Juan’s offer of a job, researching an evil drug lord, sounds like an excellent opportunity to do something important for the world. She soon discovers, however, there’s more to Juan’s interest in El Diablo than he’s telling her. Too late, she finds she’s put her heart in a dangerous place.

Chasing the Devil, the first book in the Bad Boy Series, is now available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Release of If I Loved You


It takes a lot to set successful career woman Pattie Bowen out of her depth, but one two-year-old child will do it. Suddenly saddled with her orphan nephew after her pampered sister’s mysterious death, Pattie is desperate for help with the kid, so desperate she agrees to hire Zane Kincaid, a man far too mature and too masculine to be a real nanny. Soon Pattie has an additional problem, a man who is way too attractive for a woman who’s sworn off relationships.

If I Loved You is now available at Amazon and Smashwords.

I I Loved You.FINAL