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Release of Chasing the Devil


Kicking off a new series, Chasing the Devil begins the stories of three grown men who originally met as teenagers at a harsh reform school.


Juan Mendez is now thirty-two years old, but he still harbors guilt over landing in a private juvenile detention facility. Guilt and a thirst for revenge. But then he meets sweet and sunny Janelle Peterson, and it gets damn difficult to hang onto his dark plans.

Janelle, at age twenty-eight, has decided it’s time to get a life. For too long she’s lolled in the background behind her famous and wealthy father. Juan’s offer of a job, researching an evil drug lord, sounds like an excellent opportunity to do something important for the world. She soon discovers, however, there’s more to Juan’s interest in El Diablo than he’s telling her. Too late, she finds she’s put her heart in a dangerous place.

Chasing the Devil, the first book in the Bad Boy Series, is now available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Release of Good Neighbors


Erica Carmichael hasn’t been home in ten years. Disbelieving her father’s new sobriety, she’d fled the family house straight out of high school and is only back now to take care of her newly orphaned teenage brother. She’s mystified, thrilled – and very wary – of the handsome guy who lives next door. No man this marvelous has ever before shown an interest in her. He can’t be for real.

Brennan Swift knows Erica has the wrong impression of him. He hasn’t always been the upstanding shop owner he now appears. He also knows he has to shut down his inappropriate attraction to her. He can’t afford a relationship. The last one nearly killed him.

A single romance about the power of love and family. This book should be free wherever it is sold, including Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.


Release of Call It Love


Chess Bradshaw and Cookie Thibideaux have known each other – and disliked each other – for twenty years. Chess is the cold enforcer Cookie’s father sent out every time she took a job that was too shady or found an apartment in a neighborhood too dangerous. But now Cookie has finally landed a part in a long-running play, and Chess is the one in trouble. The perfume company he owns has been sabotaged and is faltering. Cookie knows that through their marriage she can help save the company, but can either of them tolerate even a marriage of convenience?

call it love

Release of A Perfect Knave


The daughter of a wealthy merchant, Lucy Simple is believed to cast a curse of impotence on any man who gets close to her. Emile ‘the Fox’  has no knowledge of the woman’s menace when he jumps into her bath in order to hide from his latest, and angriest, victim. He thinks he can simply jump out again and be on his merry way, but the best-laid plans are no match for the mischievous workings of love.


Release of That’ll Be the Day


I hope everyone has and will continue to enjoy a happy holiday season. To help celebrate, I’ve released my newest novel, That’ll Be the Day, which is now available on Amazon and Smashwords (other retailers coming soon).

In-laws can be a pain. Strong and reliable construction manager Ian believes his late wife’s sister tops the list. But when a fluke heart attack brings him down, he’s forced to turn to feisty Maggie, a woman who understands him better than he thinks.

That’ll Be the Day is now available at Smashwords and Amazon


Release of If I Loved You


It takes a lot to set successful career woman Pattie Bowen out of her depth, but one two-year-old child will do it. Suddenly saddled with her orphan nephew after her pampered sister’s mysterious death, Pattie is desperate for help with the kid, so desperate she agrees to hire Zane Kincaid, a man far too mature and too masculine to be a real nanny. Soon Pattie has an additional problem, a man who is way too attractive for a woman who’s sworn off relationships.

If I Loved You is now available at Amazon and Smashwords.

I I Loved You.FINAL

Flash drive for Romantic Times convention


This week in New Orleans 2,000 romance readers, writers, and publishers gather for the Romantic Times convention. Mark Coker of Smashwords ebook distribution is giving a flashdrive with 348 books to each attendee. I’m thrilled to have been asked to participate with my novel, The Heart Heist. Here’s Mr. Coker’s blog about the event:


Release of The Fiancée Fiasco


For Roseanne Archer to be made partner of her law firm would fulfill a childhood dream. The goal seems impossible, however, until brainy Texas entrepreneur Winthrop Carruthers walks into the corporate office – a big potential client and exactly the kind of contract that would wow the senior partners. She doesn’t care if Winthrop is the biggest cad she ever met, four years ago deserting his still-loving wife. She’ll do whatever it takes to convince the man to sign on the dotted line, even if it means pretending to be in love with him!

The Fiancée Fiasco is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. (Coming soon to Barnes and Noble and Apple)


New Bargain Book site for citizens of the UK


For those of you in the UK, my latest novel, Your Scheming Heart, is going to be featured on a brand new bargain site, ebookbargainsuk.com ( http://eepurl.com/yefb1). This is a great way to find new authors at a good price.

So check out Your Scheming Heart, a a romantic comedy with a poignant twist. A hard-nosed con woman meets her match in a seemingly naive Italian businessman.


Release of Your Scheming Heart


Who is conning whom?

In desperate need of money to flee an angry ‘business’ partner, con artist Sabrina Raven lifts the wallet of a nutty Italian rich guy she meets in an airport bar. But she’s intrigued by the tale he spins of a magical painting he’s searching for, a painting stolen from his village during World War II. Her instincts insist there’s a game here, instincts validated when she discovers Mr. Rich Guy Vincenzo Nicholazzi had actually wanted her to steal his wallet. He’d wanted proof he’d found a thief. In fact, for her larcenous services he’s willing to pay a whopping hundred grand if she can steal the magic painting back for him. Sabrina thinks she’s found the easiest mark in the world…until Vincenzo, honest, gentle, and warm-hearted, starts working his own brand of magic on her.

True story: my obstetrician ordered an ultrasound to find out why my daughter hadn’t yet been born ten days after her due date. But I knew what was holding up the works – I hadn’t finished this book yet! Two days after writing “The End” I held my other, and even more precious, baby in my arms.

Your Scheming Heart is available at SmashwordsAmazon, and Barnes and Noble. It usually takes a few weeks to go live at the Apple iTunes store.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble