Release of Luck of the Devil


Luck of the Devil takes off where Dueling with the Devil leaves off and follows Harry, the most outgoing of the three men who’d met as teenagers in reform school.

luck of the devil.FINAL

Bad luck leaves would-be treasure hunter Harry Reif stranded on an obscure island in the East Pacific. Worse luck reveals his sister’s best friend, a friggin’ literature professor, is working on the same island. Harry, a severe dyslexic, wants nothing to do with an expert on the written word, but Emily Shaw and her desire to reach a remote cave represents the only possibility for him to make enough money to get home. He figures one day spent together won’t kill him.

Shy Emily always thought handsome Harry simply didn’t notice her. She’d never dreamed the man positively loathed her. But she badly needs to reach Hargreave’s Cave, the subject of her research on the island. She figures one day spent together won’t kill her.

 They set off on what is supposed to be one-day hike, after which the ill-matched pair will never have to deal with each other again. But when does life ever go as planned?

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